About Us

Who Are We

We are a dedicated, student-run social enterprise operating under Enactus UNSW. Founded in 2015, we aim to provide a dynamic platform for passionate students and entrepreneurs to make an impact against food waste.

We have been on a journey to explore different ways to fight the war against food waste by promoting sustainable eating and reducing food wastage via our handmade, vegan tomato chutney. All of our tomato chutneys are 100% handmade, sourced from perfectly edible tomatoes, onions and chillies.

What We Do

We empower young people to take on leadership and innovation initiatives through training and educational workshops, which in turn provides them with volunteering and research opportunities to tackle ongoing issues regarding food waste in communities.​

Today, Fortunate Food Co. is looking to craft new, healthy food products by sourcing fresh, local-grown and off-spec produce.​​ You can get involved too! Simply get in contact with us here!

Our Impact So Far

  • We have rescued and transformed over 1 TONNE+ of off-spec food from landfill
  • 600+ jars of delicious chutney sold
  • 1.5 TONNE+ of CO2 emissions prevented
  • 35+ teens empowered

As FFC continues to research and develop new, sustainable solutions to tackling food waste, we strive to extend our social impact further into our communities.